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Over 15 years of developing a secure and easy to use digital framework


Track inventory, sales, commissions and residuals through our front end retail portal

Over the last two decades, the wireless industry has exploded. Every year, prepaid products and services carve out a larger share of the market. We have spent over 15 years developing a digital framework to drive that transformation. As POSA terminals and hard cards give way to the cloud, our I.P.O.D. web interface system ensures a consistent, responsive and secure backbone for your business.

  • We process about two million transactions a month through our broad network of long-term clients.

  • We are always looking for ways to serve you better and are never satisfied with the status quo.

  • From prepaid wallets to integrated bill payment solutions, we pride ourselves on integrating breakthrough technology into our constellation of prepaid digital services.  

Our proprietary online portal
makes life easier and more lucrative.


Retail Technology

Every day, POSA terminals creep closer to death-by-cloud, joining hard cards as a relic of the analog age. Now firmly on the digital side of the divide, our proprietary online portal makes life easier and more lucrative.

Through our retail portal, dealers can maintain their inventory in real-time without overstocking. Our online product and price list unlocks our entire catalogue, including exclusive prepaid products from AT&T.


We know financial transparency is important. That’s why we have integrated the ability to manage cash flow through real-time reports on sales and commissions.


Vendor Technology

Through our new vendor portal, Master Agents and ISO’s can track activations, spiffs and bonuses in one seamless platform. Reloads, ports, ILD and data add-ons, SIM swaps—they can all be accessed through the click of a mouse.

We are always looking to establish solid relationships with Master Agents, ISOs and Dealers. Join us at Global Service Solutions and discover technology you can trust.